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Dive Watches Available at has all of the top scuba diving equipment that divers of any experience level should use with each dive that they go out on. Diver’s watches are designed for underwater diving that features a minimum water resistance greater than 1.0 MPa, which is the equivalent of 100 meters. Modern technology has allowed for these watches to go much deeper than just the minimum. Here are some of the great diver’s watches that has to offer you.

Professional dive watches can be worn and function in water while also serving as a dive computer. One of the best professional dive watches that has to offer is the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Stainless Steel Watch. This particular watch is priced to sell as you can save $158.00 by purchasing it from The watch has an integrated helium gas release that makes it suitable even for the most demanding diving environments. Another amazing feature is the 180-day power reserve that can be charged in both sunlight and indoors.

Another type of watch that is used for diving is an economical dive watch. These dive watches still have some of the features that professional watches have, but they are priced at a much lower price point. One of the most reliable economical watches is the St Moritz M1 Mini Dive Watch that is available in a variety of colors. This watch is comfortable both in and out of water and comes with the St. Moritz Full Manufacturer’s Warranty. The M1 watch is slim, stylish, and a whole lot of fun to wear.

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