Massapequa Park 3/31/2015 1:55:00 PM
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Author, Linda Maria Frank’s, “Girl with Pencil, Drawing” Tells an Intriguing Art Mystery

“Girl with Pencil, Drawing”, is a book by children’s writer Linda Maria Frank. The book is about a 17 year old amateur detective named Annie Tillery who discovers that something is awry in the art gallery where she has won a series of art lessons. Being the junior detective she is, Annie must discover the truth after something terrible happens. This is an amazing tale of mystery, lies and murder. 

Linda Frank says the book is similar to the movie “Woman in Gold” in they are both intriguing art mysteries full of suspense and action. Ms. Frank was a science and forensic science teacher in Middle School, High School and at the College level. Her love and knowledge of forensic science and detective work makes her Annie Tillery novels an amazing and accurate read. 

"Girl with Pencil, Drawing" is available on Amazon and on audiobook

You can also see Linda Maria Frank on “The Writer’s Dream” TV show. This half hour show, recorded at studios in East Hampton, NY. The TV show is produced by Linda Frank and airs on several Cablevision local stations throughout New York State. 

About Linda Maria Frank: Linda Maria Frank was a science teacher at Seaford’s Middle School and High School teaching biology, chemistry and forensic science. She left the school to teach forensic science and biotechnology at Hofstra University and recently retired from Adelphi University where she supervised science student teachers. It was her love of science, especially forensic science, that first gave her the idea and storyline behind the Annie Tillery Mysteries.