Irvine 4/6/2015 2:55:00 PM
News / Sports Offers Dive System Packages for Real Scuba Divers

Equipment that is needed for Scuba Diving can sometimes get very costly. That is why it is important to find a certified retailer of great equipment that makes it available for you at great prices. In order to save the most money as possible has put together some Diving System Packages that will enhance your dive while also keeping money in your pocket.

When dealing with diving systems they can be as simple or as technologically advanced as the diver wants or needs it to be. has put together four packages that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. You will be saving money on all of these packages including up to $555.85 on the Flex Gear Up package. This package includes a Flex 2 QLR3 BC, Veo 2.0 Air/Nitrox 2 Gauge Computer Console, Alpha 9/CDX-5 Maxflex Sport Regulator with Dry Valve Technology and the Alpha 9 MaxFlex Octo for a combined price of $999.95.

Another combination that will save you money is the Ex 100 Open Water Package. In this package the customer will be receiving the Ex 100 BC, the Veo 1.0 Air/Nitrox 2-Gauge Computer Console, Alpha 8 Regulator and the Alpha 8 Octo. When this amazing combination of equipment is grouped together the price on it is $799.95, which will save you $369.85. In the long run the place where you need to be shopping for all of your scuba diving equipment needs is

Most of the products that we sell will ship to your front door for free. does not charge sales tax on any of the products they sell unless it is being shipped to California. Be sure to check out the extensive product catalog that has to offer to divers across the globe. In the event that your equipment does not work out the way that you had planned then refer to the return policy on the website. is dedicated to satisfying all of your scuba diving equipment needs.