Houston 4/2/2015 5:49:31 PM
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Maintain Your Sex Drive as You Age with Twist 25 DHEA Cream

As we age we tend to lose our sexual drive. Even if you still love your spouse, the two of you may not be feeling it anymore due to the decrease in hormones. Twist 25 DHEA cream can counteract this effect by renewing your hormone production by replacing DHEA in your body. Regular sex is a crucial part of maintaining a strong bond with your partner, plus it has been repeatedly shown to be beneficial for overall health and mental well-being. 

It is important to note that Twist 25 does not specifically heighten your sex drive. What it does is increase DHEA production in your body which increases the hormones that helps us feel better and stay healthier. A year-long medical research study on DHEA and sex drive appears in an article in Life Enhancement magazine that shows DHEA supplementation can improve sex drive in women and men despite being taken orally. Bioidentical creams have since been shown to be the best way to use DHEA, so the results should even be better with Twist 25. 

In this day and age, you do not need to slip into old age without a fight, it is good for your health as well as your marriage to remain sexually active. When choosing the right DHEA cream, be sure to choose a pharmaceutical grade bioidentical cream made from only top quality ingredients like Twist 25. Twist 25 DHEA cream is the best bioidentical DHEA cream available and has been tested to be safe and effective. Use Twist 25 cream every morning and evening every day. Make your own hormones to feel your best and look your best. 

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