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News / Real Estate is Reinventing the Way Real Estate Agents will Post Listings Online is reinventing the way that Real Estate Agents will go about posting their listings online. There are a variety of sites out there that provide agents with the avenue to have their listings posted. However, these sites cannot provide you with the features that is capable of. recently released their Real Estate Section and they are continuously adding features that exceed other sites. When you list a property on you will receive all of the things that you would get with a website and more. provides you with the avenue to attach a press release about your listing stating the features of the property. Press Releases can state things such as new listings, the closing of a home or the price reduction of the home. Charlie Shikany of states, “We have seen more and more agents using our services, especially press releases. These Press Releases give agents the chance to describe homes and build interest with prospective buyers.” The Press Releases on your property can include all of the facts that you wish to include. Press Releases on can include a picture gallery, a video, and a detailed description to boost the opportunity of indexing better in organic search results on sites such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and on

On you are able to make a “Right Now” status update that includes a picture gallery of the home that contains a detailed description of each picture. Also included in the “Right Now” will be a video that will give a virtual tour of the home allowing prospective buyers to get a feel for the home prior to entering the door of the home. Once the “Right Now” post is completed and the press release is distributed, will do what it does best, and that is promoting your listing through a variety of social media outlets.

Only on can you share posts and content about your listings throughout other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest with the simple click of a button. Sharing the post throughout social networks is done to ensure that local buyers see the listing, but is also done to reach a wider audience so that people on social networks have the capability to share it. Sharing listings through social media sites is something that Zillow and Trulia cannot provide to their clients. However, can. This gives the opportunity for someone who may be in need of a home to see a listing that they were unaware of.

Each agent that joins can create their own personal domain that includes contact information, and details about the area that they work out of. On each agent’s site they are able to post their listings on their individual account. There are sites that agents can use that serve as the bare minimum. Everything that has to offer is what separates them from the rest. 

Members can send and receive an unlimited amount of messages from prospective buyers, which other sites typically put a limit on or make you pay for. Real Estate Agents that join can receive Press Release Distribution and Social Marketing that is catered to the needs of Real Estate Agents. The marketing team at will work alongside you to generate traffic to your listings, which can generate more listings and eventually more closings on homes. Join today and start posting your listings in order to generate future sales for your business.

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