Cincinnati 4/6/2015 12:41:06 PM
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Cincinnati senior prepares for Flying Pig Half Marathon

With encouragement from his sons, a local man prepares to cross the finish line of the Flying Pig Half Marathon.

For the last couple of months, Cincinnati resident, Ken Geers has been preparing for the Flying Pig Half Marathon.

Last fall Ken was approached by his sons, with the idea that if he was to get in better shape,  they would run the Flying Pig Marathon with him in the Spring.

For Ken, this was the perfect motivation to get him off the couch and hit the pavement for some serious exercise to get into better shape..

In January he tested the waters by going out for a walk. Then he followed with another walk and then another walk. All through January he walked and found that he was feeling good about his walks and his accomplishment.

In February he made the commitment to his sons and began to seriously prepare for the Flying Pig with one caveat. He would prepare for the Half Marathon not the Full Marathon. 

"As a dad, you look forward to the moments you share with your children, if the Flying Pig could be a family memory, I was all in," said Ken.

Since starting to prepare seriously for the Flying Pig Half Marathon, Ken has been documenting his journey to the finish line with a series of videos. Each video offers his perspective and take on the aspects of the preparation. These videos titled Half Marathon Training for Seniors can be found on youtube.

Ken thought there might be other seniors that have considered doing a half marathon and were not sure where to start and how to prepare. He wanted to put something out there that might motivate others. These videos are a day by day video journal of his efforts to get back in shape and prepare for the event.

Follow his journey to the Flying Pig Half Marathon Finish Line  as he takes you through the challenges, rewards, and inspirations along the way.

To learn more about his Half Marathon  journey visit Local Buzz Connect. Read the post Flying Pig Half Marathon goal of local senior. Consider starting your next challenge.