Atlanta 4/21/2015 9:10:00 PM
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Surgical Equipment for Sale and Loan at BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical offers businesses in the health industry everything from surgical equipment to exam and diagnostic machines that can meet the needs and budget for the specific business. The products that we have to offer can be found at very competitive prices compared to other medical equipment distributors. The high demand of the health industry has allowed BiTech Medical to now offer yearly service agreements on medical devices.

We are happy to work along with numerous businesses in the health industry such as hospitals, dentists, OB/GYN, and even veterinarians. BiTech Medical is the one-stop shop service provider repairs, while fitting into your yearly budget. In the instance that your equipment can’t be fixed then BiTech Medical will be able to offer loaner equipment so you can continue business. When other companies are unable to come through with high quality replacement parts, BiTech Medical will be able to save the day. 

BiTech Medical assigns warranties on their products to assume responsibility and remove any uncertainty you may have. Each part or piece of equipment that is in our hands abides by all federal regulations to guarantee that the device is safe to use. Before we release any products they are inspected by one of the certified partners that we use on a consistent basis. If you are in the need for new medical equipment then you will not have to look any further than BiTech Medical. 

The medical device products that are sold by BiTech Medical can all be found at extremely affordable prices. Whether you are in need of exam and diagnostic machines or surgical equipment BiTech Medical can find a solution to fit almost any budget or need.

For high quality and reliable service repairs on your current devices, or for brand new devices, contact BiTech Medical at 888-470-3720. We strive to provide the best customer care and pride ourselves in maintaining a long term relationships and competitive pricing with our clients.