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Step by Step Guide to Student Loan Consolidation

The Student Loan Law Group offers a unique service to help borrowers consolidate their student loan debt. “We believe that most people can consolidate their loans on their own. All they need is a little guidance to stay clear of the pitfalls” explains Attorney Dean Porter. “We believe in giving borrowers all the information they need in one location to make an informed decision on how to proceed” Porter continues. “However, if a borrower needs relief from default, a garnishment removed or defense against aggressive collectors, they need competent representation.  A borrower also needs to be guided through the confusing maze of the Income Based Repayment programs.” Porter states.

The Student Loan Law Group offers a unique approach to assisting borrowers. They offer a Step by Step guide to loan consolidation, access to a continually evolving knowledge base and attorney consultations to assist borrowers in the consolidation process. They also offer a full range of legal support for those situations when a borrower needs more help.

“On the internet today there are a massive number of fly by night consulting companies that charge ridiculous prices to do a consolidation for a borrower” states Porter. “These companies are preying on the unsuspecting borrower and are needlessly charging them hundreds of dollars for something they can do themselves. All people need is a little guidance” Porter concludes.

The Student Loan Law Group concentrates in helping clients with Student Loan Consolidation, Income Base Repayment Programs, Student Loan Relief, Student Loan Rehabilitation, Student Loan Garnishment removal, and Student Loan Collection Defense.

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