Mount Pleasant 4/14/2015 8:27:49 PM
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Student Loan Debt: Digging Out of the Dark Hole

Student loan debt is oftentimes a deep hole that can be easily dug into but also extremely difficult to dig out of. Once borrowers find themselves in this dark abyss, it can be quite challenging to climb out from the overwhelming debt that continues to pile up with typical loan interest rates ranging from 3.86% to 7.21%. Alarmingly, the amount of student loan debt continues to grow as, “Americans are taking on new debt at a strong pace—7% more than last year.”!news/c21gm. Colleges and graduate schools continue to increase their tuition rates yearly and many universities charge hundreds of dollars in additional administrative fees each semester for students who are funding their education through government loans. Student loan debt can quickly turn into an endless, burdensome pit that can haunt borrowers for decades.

Fortunately, there are some realistically attainable solutions to shovel away student loan debt that do not include winning a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot. In many situations, borrowers have the ability to apply for student loan consolidation and save thousands of dollars. Oftentimes, borrowers are unaware of their options or are unable to decipher how to exercise the options that are available. Student Loan Law Group specializes in assisting borrowers who are struggling to keep up with astronomical student loan payments in today’s tough economy. In one brief consultation, an attorney working with Student Loan Law Group gives borrowers clear step-by-step instructions on how to consolidate their loans, lower and possibly even eliminate their monthly payments.

Digging through the endless information and navigating government websites that are purposely designed to be difficult for borrowers to understand is time consuming and frustrating. Student Loan Law Group eases borrowers’ frustrations by helping them navigate government websites that manage student loan accounts. Student Loan Law Group simplifies the information borrowers need to know about how to efficiently manage their student loan debt. Consultations with Student Loan Law Group save borrowers time and money.

Because Student Loan Law Group recognizes that each individual borrower’s situation is unique, all consultations are specifically tailored to address each borrower’s personal needs. Student Loan Law Group never upsells unnecessary services and always provides quality, customized service to each client. Borrowers looking for a stress-free solution to lowering or even eliminating their monthly student loan payments are encouraged to contact Student Loan Law Group today. 

By Victoria Smith, Esquire