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Get Student Loan Relief After College with Student Loan Law Group

When a teenager graduates high school the decision that comes next for them is one that will dictate their future. Some may choose to join the military, others may jump right into working full time, and then there are the ones that decide to go to college. Going to college is expensive; it is also an investment that you are making in yourself. Due to the high costs of tuition and other factors such as books and room and board, most individuals that choose to go to college will end up with student loans once they have graduated school.

Student Loan Law Group (SLLG) is a law firm that practices in student loan relief. If your student loans have become out of control then SLLG can give you the information that you need to avoid any penalties that could be associated with your student loans. When student loans are ignored some of the penalties you may face include wage garnishment, defaulted loans, harassing phone calls, and much more.

There are multiple student loan consultants that will attempt to give you advice on the best way to fix your student loan situation. The catch is that you will be paying them money for something that you are capable of doing yourself. SLLG can provide you with detailed step-by-step information on the proper way to obtain a consolidation for all of your student loans.

If you believe that you have issues with your student loans then there is no reason you should wait to call SLLG. You will gain informative knowledge on how to eliminate the stress and the burden of student loans within your first consultation. During that consultation you can expect to speak with an attorney, access to frequently asked questions and answers, and the ability to submit questions to the law firm in regards to your student loans for one year. The initial consultation fee will cost $150, which is also non-refundable. If you decide to retain the firm to represent you, the initial consultation fee will be applied to your retainer fee.

Contact SLLG at 888-843-1706 between the hours of 10am and 7:30pm to schedule your consultation or visit them online at