Mount Pleasant 4/16/2015 2:26:13 PM
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South Carolina borrowers Get Relief from Student Loan Wage Garnishment with the Student Loan Law Group

Stop Student Loan Garnishment Now with the Student Loan Law Group

In South Carolina, if you are in default on your student loans and the Department o f Education is threatening wage garnishment, you can get quality assistance from the Student Loan Law Group. Default borrowers can have up to 15% percent of your disposable income garnished.  Student loan servicers are not required to go to court to get a garnishment order to start the collection process.  This process is called an Administrative Wage Garnishment. 

The Student Loan Law Group can assist borrowers with stopping this garnishment process.  It is possible to rehabilitate the loan and then negotiate a lower payment based on the income of the borrower.  The Student Loan Law Group can help a borrower challenge the garnishment, release the garnishment, stop harassing collection calls and help set the borrower on a healthy path to financial success.

“It is worth having an attorney on your side when you go up against a major bureaucracy” says Attorney Dean Porter.  “There are so many pitfalls and gotchas that can impede your process that it important to get quality advice to guide you through the process” Porter continues. 

“The Student Loan Law Group consists of Attorneys and Staff that are dedicated to helping as many borrowers as possible to get relief from the shackles of student loan debt” concludes Porter. 

The Student Loan Law Group currently represent clients in New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina and Utah.