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Jeff Kagan’s Inspirational New Book Stroke Recovery Stories is Available on

Author Jeff Kagan’s new book, Stroke Recovery Stories, is a humorous, yet inspirational group of stories told by stroke survivors and the people who love and support them. It was written with love, devotion and affection and is dedicated to Mr. Kagan’s best friend and wife, Deborah. Ten years ago Jeff Kagan was on a family vacation when completely by surprise, he had a stroke. At first Jeffrey says he felt very tired and confused and decided to take a nap and let his wife drive. This was only the beginning.

In the blink of an eye everything changed. Not only was he affected mentally, but physically, emotionally, and financially. For years he and his family had to cope with him not being able to understand or be worried. The questions kept pouring in with no answers going out, as if they were sinking. It was this trauma that made Jeff Kagan start writing. He knew firsthand that doctors could help medically, but emotionally, stroke survivors need more.

He decided to help other stroke survivors better understand what is happening to them and what they can expect next. Every stroke is different, yet each one is a profound and drastic change in the lives of the victims and their families. Stroke Recovery Stories is a book by stroke survivors, for stroke survivors to help them realize that it is not the end of the world but another bump in the road of life. You are going to swerve, but you can correct and move on.

Some of these stories will make you laugh, other will make you cry, but each one is going to help victims and their families overcome. It is like being with a group of people, either the survivors or their caretakers, friends or family, at a support meeting, sitting in a circle, and telling their stories in turn. Hearing someone else’s perspective, their own words, helps one realize that they are not alone and when you are not alone you can do anything.

Jeff Kagan’s book Stroke Recovery Stories is available on Amazon today. ​