Atlanta 5/1/2015 8:05:01 PM
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BiTech Medical Serves the Macon, Georgia Area with Efficient Medical Device Services and Repairs

BiTech Medical takes the technical skills to the next level to make sure that your business comes in first every time. We do this by offering medical device repairs and services on such machines as ECG machines, wireless network telemetry systems and anything else you need to keep your business running smoothly and helping people. We also offer Nationwide Service Agreements

BiTech Medical strictly follows the rules and regulations set by the Federal Government with a special attention to quality. In the medical industry, time is crucial so we strive to be as quick and efficient as possible when repairing your medical equipment. Even if other providers can not supply you with high quality replacement parts, BiTech Medical is here to loan equipment for your emergency situations. 

BiTech Medical supplies warranties on all products offered taking the stress out of the situation. With BiTech Medical there is no need for uncertainty. Furthermore, the majority of materials used in our tried and true repair process are driven through a detailed workshop procedure and then inspected by one of our certified partners. All parts and materials receive strict examination before being released to our clients. 

We also offer flat repair rates on all Endoscopes effectively giving you unlimited repairs to fit your fix rate needs. 

Call BiTech Medical today for preventative maintenance programs for six month and yearly checks on all electronic medical devices.