Cincinnati 5/5/2015 1:39:42 PM
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Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon All in the Family

Participants in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon all have a story. This is one of them.

On Sunday May 3, 2015, at 6:30 in the morning, the gun sounded and the Flying Big Marathon was on.

For one family the journey to the starting line  started last fall. Ryan Geers had suggested to his Dad that he needed to get off the couch and get back in shape. He even made the promise that he would do the Flying Pig Marathon with him in the Spring if he did. 

For his Dad, Ken Geers, this was an interesting proposition, since he had always wanted to participate in that event.
In January Ken went out for a walk and the next day another walk. Before long it became a habit and by February he was ready to commit to the Flying Pig, not Marathon rather the Flying Pig Half Marathon.

So it was on. They both signed up for the Cincinnati Flying Pig. In the meantime, Kevin, son number two, decided he would do one better, and begin to prepare for the Flying Pig Marathon.

The challenge was to get the third and final son, Travis, on board. He saw no purpose in doing that kind of foolishness. So he would watch.

As families will do, the three continue to prode the one until he finally made the commitment to participate. He was in. The Flying Pig Marathon was all in the family

The day was beautiful. Excellent running conditions. Each had their own way of getting to the finish line so as the gun souned they were off to meet again at the finish line.

Kevin would need to reach deep into his physical resources for the 26.2 miles, while the others: Ryan, Travis, and Dad could negotiate the 13.1 miles.

All crossed the finish line at different times, however each having the same unified spirit for each other. The journey to the  Cincinnati Flying Pig finish line was all in the family.