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How to Prevent Copywriting Mistakes That are Detrimental to Your Business

Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents the Second in a Series of Webinars

One of the most important skills for any creative entrepreneur and business owner to possess is the ability to communicate their message through clear and effective copy. On the other side of the coin, poor copywriting has the potential to drive away business and potential clients, customers and partners.

Here Shweiki Media Printing Company has partnered with author and seasoned copywriter Debra Jason of The Write Direction to present a webinar on the second of five copywriting mistakes that cost a business money ways to avoid making said mistakes.

The second copywriting mistake that people frequently make is not understanding who exactly their ideal client or target market is. If a business does not have a clear idea of who they are talking to—and are instead speaking to everyone—they are essentially speaking to no one.

Before getting started, one should ask the following questions about their market and target audience: 

  • What is the market's mass desire? For example, the desire of men may be to be virile and strong while the desire of many women may be to be attractive and slim. When one is writing, it is their job to take this mass desire and direct, channel and focus it into the product.
  • What are the market demographics (sex, age, income, marital status)?
  • What are the psychographics (lifestyle information, values) of the market? Are members of the target audience cramped for time? Do they like to take vacations? Do they use credit cards often? Do they have a history in investing in products and programs like yours?
  • What motivates the audience? What challenges, issues or problems are they facing? One should always be sure to talk to the audience, not at them.

The Market's State of Awareness

There are four different levels of awareness an audience can have regarding a product. It’s important to know audience members’ present state of knowledge about the product and their satisfaction with how the product performs.

1. Fully Aware: This state of awareness occurs when people know about a product and what it does, and they want it. This is the easiest market to speak with and work with.

2. Not Completely Aware: People know about the product but are not completely aware of everything the product does. They’re not that it works well or have not yet been told how much better it performs now.

3. Less Aware: In this level of awareness, people want (and know they want) the end result that the product resolves, but they do not yet know that there is a product—specifically the product in question—that will do it for them.

4. Completely Unaware: This is the most difficult target market to reach because they are not aware of their desire or need and will not recognize it. Headlines that may work well when reaching audience members with other stages of awareness likely won’t convert or win over a prospect that’s this unaware.

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