Charleston 5/11/2015 11:55:57 AM
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Potential Closure of Charleston School of Law: Students’ Rights

Although trouble has been brewing at the Charleston School of Law for several years now, two of the school’s co-founders have recently disclosed that the school may suspend enrollment for the Class of 2018. This crossroads has presented itself after much contention among the co-founders, faculty, students and legal community over the past two years. In 2013, Charleston School of Law officially announced a potential sale of its law school to a large conglomerate operating under the name Infilaw.

Infilaw owns several other law schools in other states including Arizona and Florida. Their law schools have been under fire for deceptive practices and lawsuits have recently been filed against Infilaw alleging that its law schools have purposefully manipulated the job placement rate statistics of their graduates in order to mislead and entice prospective students to enroll. South Carolinians have strongly boycotted the sale of Charleston School of Law to Infilaw. With the suspect sale facing harsh criticism from the public as well as the South Carolina Commission for Higher Education, the school is now considering shutting down.

Student Loan Law Group recognizes the severe nature of this unfortunate situation and the harsh impact it is likely to have on the victimized current and former students of Charleston School of Law. Student Loan Law Group seeks to inform the students who recently attended or planned to attend Charleston School of Law of their rights and urges students not to sit on their rights. Some student loan debt may be immediately forgiven under certain circumstances when a school closes or is shut-down by the United States Department of Education. Delay in asserting rights regarding student loan debt forgiveness may result in a waiver of the students’ eligibility to have the debt wiped off of their record. Students who are enrolled, were recently enrolled, or planned to enroll in the fall of 2015 at Charleston School of Law may qualify to have all of or a portion of their federal student loan debt discharged.

Student loan borrowers who recently attended Charleston School of Law are encouraged to contact Student Loan Law Group immediately! Student Loan Law Group is run by licensed attorneys who have painstakingly studied debtors’ laws regarding student loans and can protect student loan borrowers’ rights. Failure to take immediate action may result in loss of opportunities to have student loan debt forgiven.