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Hip Hop Bling Sells the Best Gold Plated Chains for the Lowest Price

If you want the best hip hop chains in gold or silver color, then Hip Hop Bling is where you need to go. Hip Hop Chains are one thing that have always, and will always be an important look for hip hoppers everywhere. Now you too can have the high quality chains and necklaces seen worn by people you admire. We have a great number of styles of Hip Hop Chains to choose from including dookie rope chains, classic chains and iced out chains.

Chains are incredibly versatile allowing you to wear one with or without a pendant. You can wear your chain every day or just on special occasions. You can wear a classic modest chain, or a splendid and iced out four row chain. The choice is yours but we have all the options from the most modest to the most fantastic and all for low prices. You can look nice without going over the top or you can leap over the top like Superman. Whatever you want Hip Hop Bling has and more.

Whatever you choose, all of our chains are great quality and have a realistic look and feel. While the real versions cost thousands of dollars, you will not pay anything near that to get the same look. Imagine stepping out with a nice slick chain today.

Stainless steel chains are one of the best hip hop fashion jewelry chains with a nice and solid feeling. You will look like a hip hop boss in our Gold Steel 1 Row 4MM lab made CZ chain, or our 8MM Stainless Steel Chain. Stainless steel allows us to make chains with much more intricate designs that are impossible with plated bling due to the soft metal. If you tried this with plated jewelry you would get rough edges that looked smudged and cheap. Stainless steel lets our jewelers achieve true precision and crazy details on these necklaces, and that’s why companies like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling use it to make their top-end watches.

Our gold stainless steel chains are very heavy and solid feeling. Stainless steel is a very heavy and durable metal and makes a good base for gold plating. If you want to get quality, long lasting gold plating that looks and feels real at an amazing price, you need Hip Hop Bling. With our IP gold plated stainless steel necklaces you get an amazing value.