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New Jersey Students Do Not Have to Fear Garnishments Anymore with Help from Student Loan Law Group

Students from New Jersey being garnished by a servicing company or collector do not need to live in fear of debt or debt collectors thanks to Student Loan Law Group. The current laws regulating student loans allow servicers to place liens on your paychecks and your tax returns without going to court and getting a judgement against you, but Student Loan Law Group has the experienced team that can help.

Student Loan Law Group understands that garnishment in New Jersey can ruin the lifestyle you have worked so hard to obtain. Most people tend to suffer from debt on student loans because they are in a financial hardship, but Student Loan Law Group can assist you in dealing with the servicer or collector to loans with Bankruptcy except for very limited and specific cases.

You can not hide from student loans so fight back with Student Loan Law Group in New Jersey. Student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy except for very specific cases. Attorneys are the best suited advocate for someone in garnishment.

New Jersey students, do not try to face lenders by yourself when it comes to your student loan.

Contact Student Loan Law Group to negotiate with your creditor. You can learn more about Student Loan Law Group and garnishment relief by creating an account with Student Loan Law Group.


Student Loan Law Group is a branch of the Porter Law Center, LLC, which focuses specifically on representing student loan borrowers. Student Loan Law Group consists of a dynamic team of attorneys from diverse backgrounds that have a proven record of achieving the best outcomes for distressed borrowers.  As zealous advocates fighting for our clients’ rights, Student Loan Law Group helps borrowers consolidate their student loans, apply for income-driven repayment plans, avoid default, cure default and prevent or end wage, tax or Social Security garnishment.  Our seasoned attorneys are well-versed in defending clients against aggressive collection companies and private loan servicers.