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South Carolina Students who want to get out of Debt Call Student Loan Law Group

If you are a student in South Carolina facing wage and tax garnishments due to being in default from student loans, Student Loan Law Group is here to help. Debt collectors attempting to collect on student loan debt do not care about your personal situations. They are not your friends and only care about collecting their money. If a student loan account is more than five months past due, the account may be declared in default. Student Loan Law Group can help protect your rights in South Carolina.

Student Loan Law Group has the experience to know that there are several reasons why you could be facing default on your student loan debt. Financial hardships are common, especially for young adults just out of college, even if you have done everything right and carefully. Borrowers may incur unexpected expenses, such as vehicle repairs or maintenance, or may be let go from their jobs as a result of the poor economy.

If you are facing financial hardships due to any of the situations above, or injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents or on the job or as a result of being diagnosed with a serious illness or experiencing a medical emergency, Student Loan Law Group can help. If you have fallen behind on your student loans in South Carolina, and are facing off against unsympathetic debt collectors, call Student Loan Law Group today.

Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights and prevent impending garnishment from occurring or end their garnishment as quickly as possible. Borrowers in South Carolina do not need to delay. If you have received notice your student loans are in default or will soon be declared in default, contact Student Loan Law Group in South Carolina now or legal advice.


Student Loan Law Group is a branch of the Porter Law Center, LLC, which focuses specifically on representing student loan borrowers. Student Loan Law Group consists of a dynamic team of attorneys from diverse backgrounds that have a proven record of achieving the best outcomes for distressed borrowers.  As zealous advocates fighting for our clients’ rights, Student Loan Law Group helps borrowers consolidate their student loans, apply for income-driven repayment plans, avoid default, cure default and prevent or end wage, tax or Social Security garnishment.  Our seasoned attorneys are well-versed in defending clients against aggressive collection companies and private loan servicers.