Charleston 6/1/2015 7:36:01 PM
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The American Bar Association requires that all accredited law schools publish specific consumer information online regarding job placement and detailed employment statistics of graduates. According to data published by Charleston School of Law about the job placement of its 2014 graduating class, less than half of those graduates have found full-time and long-term employment in law firms. The school reports that only seventy-four (74) of those two hundred and one (201) graduates from the Charleston School of Law Class of 2014 currently have full-time and long-term employment in law firms. Similarly, the University of South Carolina’s law school reports that only seventy-six (76) of its two hundred and two (202) graduates from the Class of 2014 currently have full-time and long-term employment in law firms.

There is much speculation among these graduates and the legal community about why the numbers of employment are so low. After the recession of 2008, many law schools saw soaring numbers of enrollment. As a result of the declining economy and poor job market, many college graduates decided to pursue higher degrees by attending graduate programs or law schools. Now, the job market is saturated with candidates who hold juris doctorates. A surplus of young attorneys results in fewer jobs available and lower salaries.

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