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Four Row Iced Out Chains and Premium CZ Iced Out Chains Provide Affordable Shine from Hip Hop Bling

Hip Hop Bling has a collection of some of the finest premium CZ chains we have ever carried. You have seen the trend of diamond encrusted chains worn by rappers and stars these days. When releasing our collection of premium CZ chains, we spared no expenses in replicating the quality, look and feel of $50,000+ chains made out of genuine platinum and diamonds. Our premium chain line is made in an actual factory that also manufactures genuine fine jewelry.

The only difference between our gorgeous, shiny jewelry is the use of brass instead of platinum, and CZ stones rather than diamonds. The quality and make of the jewelry is still there. The durability and longevity of the jewelry is still there. What this creates is a piece of jewelry that not only looks real, but feels real.  The brass core is heavily coated with rhodium or 24k genuine gold. The grade A Russian CZ stones are hand set by experienced jewelers. Most of the cost in these chains goes into the extensive dedication of setting each stone. This makes for an extremely high quality chain made for discriminating buyers who want only the best.

Another type of chain that you should check out is our 4 row iced out chains. Hip Hop Bling has a variety of styles of our 4 row chains, and different exotic colored stone combinations that were once only available to those fortunate enough to have these chains custom made. Now you can get the look of a fully custom iced out chain, with four rows of solid ice for a fraction of the cost.

Other hip hop chains that we have available are the timeless Figaro chain and Curb chain. These are very versatile, modest and especially affordable. If you want something more retro, take a look at our Cuban Chain and Dookie Rope chain. Every guy needs a clean and flashy chain. They need a chain for every day and one for special occasions. However many different kinds of chains you want, Hip Hop Bling has them all just for you.