Atlanta 6/5/2015 6:55:03 PM
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Georgia Center for Opportunity Announces “Freedom of School Choice” Summer Town Halls June 8-11

Free events for parents of struggling public school students to learn about School Choice benefits offered in Georgia

Parents of children who attended public school (K-12) last year are invited to attend the “Freedom of School Choice Summer Town Hall Meetings” happening in Clayton, Fulton and Gwinnett counties on June 8-11 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. The events are free of charge and will include complimentary light refreshments. Georgia Center for Opportunity and the Georgia Parents Alliance are sponsoring the events.  

Each town hall meeting will include a short film screening about the success of current school choice programs and the need Georgia families have for additional options. After the film, audiences will be able to pose their questions to a panel of legislators, educators and other parents. Panelists will include State Representative Mike Glanton (D-HD 75), Senator Curt Thompson (D-SD 5), Artesius Miller, executive director of Utopian Academy for the Arts, and Elinore Trotter, principal of the Special Needs School of Gwinnett among others. Attendees will learn how they can apply for opportunity scholarships and disability vouchers and other programs. They will also learn about new efforts to expand school choice through Education Savings Accounts.  

“The simple fact is that even the best schools, public or private, cannot address the needs of all students,” said Eric Cochling, Vice President and General Counsel at Georgia Center for Opportunity. “Parents of children with learning or physical disabilities, those who face bullying at school, or who simply need a more challenging environment feel desperate because their children have needs that are just not being met. The problem crosses all social and economic lines. They need help. They need choices. We want to spread the word about the choices that are out there while pointing out the need for more.”  

Over the past several years, Georgia lawmakers have made public funds available to help children with learning disabilities attend schools through the Special Needs Scholarship program. School Choice was then expanded to help children with other needs through Tax Credit Scholarships and Charter Schools. Unfortunately, the majority of parents remain confused about how their children might qualify for these benefits. The Summer Town Hall series is intended to help build awareness and educate families on these programs.

Event details:    

Clayton County Monday, June 8 6:00-7:30pm Utopian Academy for the Arts 

Fulton County Tuesday, June 9 6:00-7:30pm Lefont Theatre Sandy Springs  

Gwinnett County
Wednesday, June 10 6:00-7:30pm Rhodes Jordan Park

The public is encouraged to get more information and RSVP to attend the events at or by calling 404-229-1073.