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Former Students in Ohio Have Protection Against Student Loan Debt with Student Loan Law Group

Student Loan Law Group is one of many law firms that can help all borrowers, fresh out of school or not, with private student loan issues in Ohio. If you are under overwhelming pressure to pay off student loans or are getting calls, or being sued by debt collectors looking for collect, call Student Loan Law Group as soon as possible.

Debt collectors working to collect on private student loans have the reputation of acting like overly aggressive sharks. Some are even prone to scams, and some perform very unethical practices all to squeeze and pressure you into paying. Let Student Loan Law Group help you stop the harassing phone calls, the threatening letters and take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Student Loan Law Group’s licensed attorneys defend clients from aggressive and illegal collection practices and help rehabilitate or restructure private loans. Once you retain us, we file a representation letter with the lender instructing that lender to cease and desist all direct communication with you.

They are then required to contact Student Loan Law Group for any new correspondence regarding your student loan debt and it then becomes illegal for them to attempt to contact you without going through your attorney first.

Private student loan lenders only care about the money. They do not want to hear about your situation or care to negotiate with you. Attempting to do so is both emotional and stressful and always a losing battle. It is highly likely that they are trained to take advantage of your inexperience if you are not supported by an attorney like the one’s from Student Loan Law Group. You can stop harassing calls for your private student loans in Ohio with help from a law firm like Student Loan Law Group.