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Student Loan Law Group is Helping Students Suffering Wage and Tax Garnishments in Utah

Student Loan Law Group is a law firm with several offices across America that is helping students in Utah with wage and tax garnishments. When you are unable to pay your debts, collectors sometimes go behind your back and sue you without your knowledge. Then when you do not come forward they get a default judgement that will allow them to garnish your wages and taxes. You will then have to appeal the decision, but this time get the help of a law firm like Student Loan Law Group.

There are several cases in other states in America that have seen collectors use unethical and shady practices to get a hold of your money in attempt to pay off the debts. Other times someone is behind on student loans because they are facing financial hardships. Either way, Student Loan Law Group is one firm that understands and can help. Simply calling 888-843-1706 to schedule a free initial consultation will give you a sense of relief that you probably have not felt in a long time.

If you find yourself suddenly in a lawsuit and you have never been served, or if you are getting garnished and do not understand why, the first call you should make is to Student Loan Law Group. Current law regulating student loans allow servicers to place liens on your paychecks and your tax returns without going to court and getting a judgement against you and often they do this in shady ways that throw the wool over your eyes as well as the courts’.

Do not let these erroneous practices continue. Stop the illegal activity by calling and asking for help from Student Loan Law Group. They are a highly experienced team of attorneys that can either represent you, or simply give you the tools to fight back the debt collectors yourself. Call now at 888-843-1706.