MT. PLEASANT 6/10/2015 6:30:28 PM
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Although the government frequently finances education for those who are serving in our military, some veterans may still be carrying student loan debt. Perhaps the grants they received from the government did not cover the entire cost of tuition and the cost of attendance or perhaps the veterans took out loans before or after their service dates. Many veterans are disabled either from physical injuries they sustained while serving in the military or as a result of severe post-traumatic stress disorder (commonly referred to as PTSD) or other mental syndromes related to military service. Such disabilities may make a veteran with student loans eligible to apply for a complete discharge of the debt.

Disability discharge of student loan debt wipes out all remaining balances owed on the student loans. The policy behind disability discharge is that because the student loan borrower is disabled, he or she has severe difficulties locating employment. Because the disabled borrower may be unemployable, it is unlikely that he or she is capable of every repaying the student loans. Student Loan Law Group realizes that there are many disabled military veterans who are struggling to make monthly student loan payments that they should no longer be required to make based on their circumstances.  

Student Loan Law Group may help eligible disabled veterans apply for a disability discharge of their student loan debt. The process for applying for a disability discharge is extremely time-consuming and requires copious amounts of paperwork and documentation to prove that the severity of the disability is sufficient to require a discharge. Many eligible disabled borrowers are unable to navigate the application process on their own.

The help of an attorney is extremely valuable when applying for a disability discharge because attorneys understand how to present the documentation in a manner that achieves a successful outcome. There may be limitations on how many times a disability discharge application may be submitted. Therefore, it is important for an applicant to seek legal advice prior to filing a disability discharge application on their own. If one chooses to file without a lawyer and their application is denied, they may not receive a second opportunity. Veterans or others who are disabled in such a manner that it significantly effects their employability are encouraged to contact Student Loan Law Group immediately at 888-843-1706.