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85% of Students DECREASED Summer Learning Loss!

1/3 Actually INCREASED Reading Levels

A “Positive Outcomes Report” for Summer Learning gets nationwide attention as numerous Summer Programs implement Reader's Theater Curriculum this summer and look to fall with great expectations with this effective and engaging after-school methodology. This is due to the tremendous success CentroNia Community Engagement and Education Department in Washington D.C. had last summer when implementing the Playbooks® Reader’s Theater curriculum to combat summer reading regression.  

Of the 175 students who were both pre and post-tested during CentroNia’s summer program, 85% of them either maintained or increased their reading levels over the summer after only 6 weeks of using the Playbooks® Reader’s Theater curriculum. Also, over 1/3 of these students actually increased their reading levels during this time. Read the official Outcomes Report prepared by CentroNia here: http://readerstheater.com/CEE_Summer_Literacy_Report_2014.pdf

The Playbooks curriculum includes specialized multi-leveled and color-coded “scripts” designed for students to successfully “read aloud” their parts with their peers in small groups and with expression and the personality of their story characters. Teachers assign students character roles based on knowledge of their reading skill levels. Because all students read at their appropriate level, they are able to focus on oral expression, which in turn builds their reading fluency and comprehension skills. Students are not aware that their different character parts corresponded to reading stages, so students of all reading levels interact with each other in a fun and engaging environment without knowing who is a more or less advanced reader. Color-coding of the parts allows students to easily identify and take ownership of their roles.  

Playbooks Reader's Theater Publishing launched two important new STEM and Combo Activity Kit Series this month to help educators meet Next Generation Science and Reading Enrichment goals for their students at the same time in after-school and summer programs.  

Because of the importance set by the Department of Education to enhance learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Playbooks, Inc. has created 4 new STEM Kits that pair several Playbook® story sets (that have content in of the four elements of STEM) with a topic-related game, manipulative, or hands-on project (such as robotics, science experiments, technology gadgets and electronics) all which extend the learning and fun of the role-play reading experience for students. Playbooks, Inc. also launched on Friday, 28 new Combo Activity Kits for other numerous content areas.  

Playbooks® Reader’s Theater Publishing provides over 100 unique story kits for grades K-12 along with other games and activities and has been serving the education community for over 14 years. www.readerstheater.com  

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