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Prevent or End Wage Garnishment from Student Loan Default Today

Student Loan Law Group realizes the devastating effects wage garnishment can have on student loan borrowers and their families. If a borrower falls behind on their student loan payments and ends up defaulting on their student loan account, the government may seize a portion of their paychecks. This penalty is referred to as wage garnishment. The government may garnish a defaulting student loan borrower’s paychecks up to twenty-five percent (25%).

The government does not need any court hearing in order to enforce garnishment. They simply send a notice of default and impending garnishment to the borrower. Regardless of whether the borrower actually receives the notice, if the default is not cured and the outstanding balance is not paid off in full within a short period of time, the government gets a court order directing the borrower’s employer to withhold a portion of the borrower’s paychecks. The employer then pays the government the portion that has been withheld from the borrower’s paycheck.

Once wage garnishment begins, it is extremely difficult to end without the help of a qualified attorney. Student loan laws are a niche area of practice that a small number of attorneys have experience in. Borrowers who are in default or who are facing default are encouraged to contact Student Loan Law Group today for assistance in preventing or fighting wage garnishment. Attorneys with Student Loan Law Group are well-versed in assisting borrowers who are struggling to make their monthly student loan payments and may assist borrowers in avoiding garnishment.

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