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While many borrowers choose to defer their loans based on a present-time need to delay their payments, they all too often fail to be counseled on the consequences of opting for deferment. Deferment may temporarily stop payment demands, but it often does not stop the interest from accruing on the loans. This means that when the borrower’s deferment runs out, which will inevitably happen, the borrower may end up paying significantly more on the loan than they would if they had begun repaying the loan sooner.

Although deferment pushes off payment demands, deferment cannot last forever. Eventually, deferment allowance will run out and the borrower will start receiving payment demands. Those demands may be much higher than they would if the borrower chose to begin repaying as soon as the loans entered their standard repayment phase, which is typically set to begin six (6) months after the borrower graduates or is no longer enrolled in school.

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