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Being at the top of your class in managing your student loan debt efficiently is much easier than earning the top grade in biochemistry. Taking control of your student loans is easy with help from the Student Loan Law Group. Student Loan Law Group provides help for student loan borrowers who are struggling to keep up with their monthly loan payments. By assisting borrowers in applying for income-driven repayment plans, Student Loan Law Group helps borrowers lower their monthly payments to amounts that are affordable based on the individual borrower’s income and household size.

Student Loan Law Group also takes the headaches and frustration out of dealing with multiple loan servicers by teaching borrowers how to consolidate their federal student loans. Consolidating student loans simplifies repayment by allowing the borrower to merge their loans and deal with one loan servicer as opposed to having to answer to multiple debt collectors. Consolidating student loans and applying for income-driven repayment plans before a borrower experiences financial difficulties is ideal.

However, Student Loan Law Group realizes that many borrowers are afraid to ask for help until they have defaulted on their student loans. Student Loan Law Group may help end a borrower’s default crisis by negotiating with the loan servicers on behalf of the borrower. Attorneys with the Student Loan Law Group are well-versed in negotiating with creditors to settle loans and cure defaults. Borrowers may be eligible for rehabilitation which can get them out of default.

Borrowers who want to lower their monthly student loan payments and take control of their debt are encouraged to contact Student Loan Law Group today to hear more about how Student Loan Law Group can help.

Student Loan Law Group may be reached via email at or by calling (888) 843-1706(888) 843-1706 FREE today!