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Hospitals in Valdosta Choose BiTech Medical for the Best Customer Service and Medical Equipment

BiTech Medical provides the best medical equipment and medical technology to hospitals and medical centers in Valdosta. When you need a reliable medical partner who will provide excellent customer service every time, then BiTech Medical is the partner you want. With recent advances in technology, it is much more important to have a supplier near you that you can trust. BiTech’s strategy is simply to improve compliance with with government regulations while ensuring all fiduciary responsibilities are met.

We provide top quality medical device service Valdosta hospitals by way of our highly trained medical repair engineers who are trained to work with you so that your needs are met efficiently. We strive to create a strong foundation for your business so that we can help overcome everyday obstacles. In order to provide medical equipment for any and every situation, we carry a wide array of manufacturers including Mindray, Welch, Allyn, Ethicon and more. When you are looking for a medical partner, you want one that provides you with options.

The wide range of experience and the background of our technicians have allowed us to offer on-site medical device services for preventative maintenance and repairs. 

We also service a variety of class two medical devices. Some examples of these devices are centrifuges, autoclaves, electro-surgical instruments and more. We also carry a large supply of medical device products including exam and diagnostic machines to suit a variety of needs and budgets. We even offer our most demanded products at a discount because important medical equipment should not be controlled by supply and demand.

Due to the high volume of demand from our clients, we are proud to provide your facility with yearly medical service agreements on all your equipment. This includes everything from exam tables to X-Ray machines. BiTech Medical is a proud supporter of hospitals and medical center departments like OB/GYN, adult, pediatric, and dental. This gives you sound peace of mind for a one stop shop service provider for yearly PM’s and repairs, while supporting your yearly fixed budget.

For high quality and reliable service repairs on your current devices, or for brand new devices, contact BiTech Medical at 888-470-3720. We strive to provide the best customer care and pride ourselves in maintaining a long term relationships and competitive pricing with our clients.