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Call Student Loan Law Group to Protect Your Rights with Student Loans

Call Student Loan Law Group today if you are in default or have been unable to make your student loan payments. If you are facing wage or tax garnishment, Student Loan Law Group can help. Wage and tax garnishment can have significant, detrimental effects on your credit score and may even prevent you from getting additional loans making you stuck in life.

If you cannot get any further loans, you would not be able to return to school, buy a car or even purchase a home. Poor credit scores can also affect your ability to sign contracts for apartment housing, electricity, cable and internet without a co-signer. Calling Student Loan Law Group and having them represent you will start you on your way to financial stability.

This is not something you can wait on to decide, the government can seize up to 25% of your paychecks until the loan is completely paid off. If you are a freshly graduated student, this is a huge detriment to your lifestyle as you may or may not have started on your career path as of yet and may not be making the amount of money you need.

Another thing the government has the power to do is withhold your tax returns, and if you are married, your spouse’s as well. Any students or graduated students who are facing wage and tax garnishment need help. Call Student Loan Law Group at 888-843-1706 today to schedule a Free consultation.