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Get Out from Under Student Loan Debt with the Right Student Loan Law Firm

These days, when you think of overwhelming student loan debt, you might think of young people just out of college, unable to find work or older people who have just managed to pay off their debts. In fact there is a growing number of people, aged 65 years and older, saddled with college loan debt. There is a number of reasons why student loan debt is so hard to get rid of, including the inability to get a good job, or good living because of being so heavy in debt and private loaners scamming and harassing their borrowers. Whatever the reason you have for your debt, Student Loan Law Group can help.

Student Loan Law Group can not only represent you when you need to face off against shady, or underhanded student loan firms, but they can teach you what it takes to consolidate your debt when it comes to handling Federal Student Loans. The major problem is that the U.S. Department of Education can use very harsh methods to get the money owed them when federal student loans fall into arrears. For example, the government reserves the right to seize up to 25% of your paychecks and withhold your tax returns, even the ones belonging to your spouse, until your loan is completely paid off.

When it comes to private loans however, Student Loan Law Group recommends a more hands on approach. They can stop the harassing phone calls because once you have representation, they are no longer legally allowed to contact you. Many former students have fallen prey to scams and shady debt collection practices, but you do not have to be one of them. Student Loan Law Group is here to help. 

Student Loan Law Group is a firm that specializes in helping people with federal and private student loans in South Carolina, Utah, New Jersey and Ohio. If you are one of the millions of people in those states facing harsh penalties for defaulting on your student loans or are a senior possibly getting your Social Security benefits taken away by the government, Student Loan Law Group can help.

Call Student Loan Law Group at 888-843-1706 to find out how they can help you.