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Death Spiral Financing: New Book by Securities Attorney John E. Lux

An Introduction to Future Priced Securities for CEOs and CFOs

Securities attorney John E. Lux, a former investment banker, has released a book on Death Spiral Financing.

"There are many small companies out there who are thinking about resorting to death spiral financing deals. This book is an easy to understand introduction to these deals for CEOs and CFOs“ said John E. Lux.

Death Spiral Financing by John E. Lux is available on Amazon.com

John Lux's IPO and reverse merger videos on YouTube are popular with companies seeking venture capital or corporate finance. Much of the same information is on Slideshare where John Lux was among the top 5% most viewed authors in 2014.

 About Securities Attorney John E. Lux 

John E. Lux is a securities attorney and a former market maker, investment banker and venture capitalist. He has a degree in Quantitative Analysis from the New York University Stern School of Business and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law. He is the author of "How to Find a Home Run Stock," "How the Shorts Raid Your Stock, Destroy Your Company, and What to Do About It" and "Bash the Stock Bashers" all available on Amazon. He specializes in reverse mergers and public and private offerings. Go to http://www.TheSecuritiesAttorneys.com for a free book on “How to Go Public.”

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