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St Petersburg Injury Attorney Michael Babboni Urges Ram Truck Owners To Heed Air Bag Recall

Chrysler-Fiat draws unprecendented actions from the NHTSA, Lawyer Urges Public To Comply

A potentially deadly safety defect with Dodge Ram pick ups has triggered another record-breaking auto recall. The defect causes air bags in Ram pick up trucks to unexpectedly deploy during vehicle operation. Under strong pressure from federal regulators at the NHTSA, Fiat-Chrysler revealed that the wiring harness in the truck’s steering column rubs against metal parts from the air bag.

Over time the steering action can completely wear a hole through the wiring insulation exposing electrical current directly to the air bag. This can cause a jolt of electricity from the wiring harness to the air bag triggering the device randomly.

After regulators have found what has been described as gross negligence by Chrysler in it’s handling of the potentially deadly safety defect, the NHTSA has fined the automaker $105 million dollars and ordered the recall of a staggering one million Ram trucks. Furthermore, the manufacturer will be required to buy back some vehicles, and even pay the owners for time taken to get the repairs. Additionally, the automaker will also have to create a consumer education program to ensure that Chrysler owners always know how to stay informed and what actions to take should another serious recall occur.

These harsh actions from the NHTSA are in response to a history of poorly handled safety recalls and a culture of resisting compliance from US regulators. Many feel the NHTSA is also sending a strong message to other automakers to take safety recalls seriously.

Michael Babboni, an Attorney at the personal injury law firm Shapiro Goldman Babboni & Walsh, had this comment about the massive recall, “While the record actions by the NHTSA against Chrysler are a step in the right direction, consumer compliance with safety recalls can often be inadequate. While it’s understandable that many drivers have busy lives and are reluctant to take the time to bring their vehicle in for a repair, the nature of this recall demands full attention. Should an air bag deploy while driving, the potential for a devastating auto accident is very high. It’s not just the owner that would be a risk either, one can easily see how an air bag deploying at the wrong time could result in pedestrians or other drivers being seriously hurt or killed. As such, I urge owners of Dodge Ram pick ups to bring their vehicle in for repairs. This is important not just for the safety of the driver and their passengers, but for others sharing the road as well.”

About Attorney Michael Babboni

Michael J. Babboni is an attorney who is practicing in southwest Florida. His motto is, "Personal Injury and wrongful death do not happen to plaintiffs. They happen to people. He is able to handle many types of cases. Some of the cases that Michael J. Babboni can handle include brain injury, personal injury, slip and fall, drunk driving accidents, workplace accidents and wrongful death.

Michael J. Babboni He was awarded a Juris Doctor degree in 1987 from Stetson College Of Law. He also attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science.

A member of many professional organizations, including,  The American Association for Justice, Florida Justice Association and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Only a small percentage of lawyers are able to be a part of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This is an organization that was first established in the 1993. It is reserved for attorneys who have managed to obtain million dollar verdicts for their clients.

Michael J. Babboni has been interviewed several times throughout his career. He has also appeared on many local newscasts and discussed important legal matters.

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