Lake Placid 8/5/2015 10:52:46 PM
News / Random is Proud to Support the Olympics

During the year, many aspiring young athletes train at the Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex with hopes of qualifying for the U.S. Winter Olympics Team. The Olympic complex allows athletes to train many winter sports like bobsledding, figure skating, hockey, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. 

Recently, sold a hookah system to the Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex. The purpose of the hookah system is to maintain and repair the bubblers used to lessen the impact of landing in the pool.   

During it's time in business, Scuba has been proud to provide equipment for a number of large organizations such as NASA, NASCAR, The U.S. Navy and even movie production companies. You may wonder what kind of gear would organizations like this would use. NASA, for example, buys scuba equipment for astronauts to train at its Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. NASCAR orders spare air tanks. We've even had the privilege of shipping scuba gear to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on a few occasions. 

We are honored to support our Olympic athletes and embrace the opportunity to give you information about scuba diving.  Please call our Certified Scuba Instructors at 800-34-SCUBA800-34-SCUBA FREE with any questions regarding diving, or visit our website at