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Are you struggling to make your monthly student loan payments? Do you want to lower your student loan payments without increasing the life of the loans? If so, Student Loan Law Group can help. Student Loan Law Group advises clients on their eligibility for available federal income-driven repayment plans. Many borrowers are simply unaware that they may qualify for programs that could drastically reduce their monthly student loan payments.

Income-driven repayment plans focus on the borrower’s adjusted gross income and household size to determine what amount the borrower should reasonably be expected to pay each month. Oftentimes, Student Loan Law Group is able to assist clients in reducing their monthly student loan payments by 50% or more. Many borrowers falsely belief that applying for these federal income-driven repayment plans will drastically extend the life of their loans. Federal income-driven repayment plans do not drastically extend the life of loans. Any debt that is not paid off during the repayment plan duration is completely forgiven. These plans can save families tens of thousands of dollars in student loan repayment.

Student Loan Law Group has helped a client lower his monthly student loan payment from over $2,000.00 per month to less than $200.00 per month! To see if Student Loan Law Group can help you reduce your monthly payments, contact Student Loan Law Group today at or call 888-843-1706888-843-1706 FREE. The sooner you take action, the sooner you may experience relief on your burdensome student loan debt.