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Flotron: Specialize in Ergonomic Rotation Fixture Design and Manufacturing

Flotron's offering includes an Off-the-Shelf catalog product line of rotation fixtures in addition to Modified Standard rotation fixtures and one-off Custom Solutions that envelope the multitude of Engineering inquiries originating from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers employed at NASA, government prime contractors and their associated subcontractors.

Flotron Engineers solution with ergonomic rotation and height to allow technicians to accomplish their tasks without risking damage to high value hardware. Armed with a team of highly qualified engineers who have experience meeting a number of customer applications, the company offers a variety of solutions including; small satellite production line assembly fixtures, manual composite layup fixtures, composite paint fixtures and RF testing fixtures. Additionally, Flotron is a circuit card extractor manufacturer and has supported a myriad of government and commercial applications involving the extraction of circuit card assemblies from their respective chassis.

"Our off-the-shelf product line ranges from a 50 lbs capacity bench top assembly fixture to a 14,500 lbs capacity motorized spacecraft positioner with swing radii up to 88 inches. We provide engineered solutions that consider safety factors and stability criteria and are trusted to support the highest value hardware," says a company spokesperson.

Having catered to a long list of reputed customers such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing, the company has become the first choice for rotating fixture design. The Off-the-Shelf Flotron XD747 is being used to support assembly of Sierra Nevada Corporation's OG2 satellite constellation. Orbital-ATK has incorporated multiple Modified Standard Flotron rotation fixtures to support assembly, integration and test operations for the Iridium-NEXT satellite constellation. Flotron tools have also recently supported Ball Aerospace & Technologies optical payloads during testing in addition to two of the largest composite spacecraft structures ever built by Northrop Grumman on the James Webb Space Telescope program.

Flotron understands the criticality of Aerospace Tooling to support both defense and commercial customers. This is why they staff an experienced team of Tooling Engineers with an intuitive understanding of engineering principles that effectively implement powerful computer aided drafting and finite element modeling stress analysis tools. Welding is a special process and Flotron controls this process in house with AWS D17.1 Certified Welders certified in the 6G position for material types including carbon steel and aluminum. Flotron's quality management system is certified to ISO:9001-2008.

About Flotron

With experience spanning over half a century, Flotron provides custom mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) and engineered aerospace tooling solutions.

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