Hong Kong 8/7/2015 12:07:13 PM
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Voth Nixon Group Holds Behavioral Business Seminar For Entrepreneurs

The Nuisance Event, to be held in Hong Kong during the first week of September this year, will be conducted by Rob Moore, leading specialist in behavioral transformation. The event is part of the group’s extensive engagement to encourage businesses and their employees through auto enrollment itinerary.

The event’s leadership comes as a consequence to the latest VNX retirement survey which unveil that although 52.5% of the individuals at present are saving appropriately for retirement, one out of four is still not saving anything at all.

Frank Votaw, Chief Operating Officer at Voth Nixon Group said:” The ethic of financial behavior represents the key foundation of building the role of employers as choice designers for their employees. This ethic regarding financial behavior grounded our present approach and will continue to conduct our work as we guide entrepreneurs to encourage their employees to have a rational financial mindset regarding their future.”

Rob Moore will lead employers through the foundation of behavioral psychology and explain how implementing the right nuisance will culminate with more people being better prepared, financial speaking, for their future retirement. Moore stated: ‘Human beings are not as rational as most of us believe. Our financial and time-management planning and decisions might not be the best for us, having a subjective point of view. This can have an important impact into our future retirement. That is why, financial behavior, properly applied in a social context, can be used to forward healthy and rational behaviors, keeping a free will expression in the same time.’

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