Charleston 8/10/2015 4:18:00 PM
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Have you been receiving phone calls demanding payment on your student loans? Do you feel like you are being harassed by debt collectors? Have you had to change your number to try to escape the constant phone calls regarding your student loan debt? If so, Student Loan Law Group can help!

Do not try to run away from issues regarding your student loans. It is best to tackle these situations head on with the help and support of professionals. Student Loan Law Group advises clients of their legal rights and fights to protect those rights. Many borrowers have fallen behind on their student loan payments because unreasonable demands have been made by debt collectors. Many borrowers are simply unaware that they qualify for lower monthly payments based on their household income and household size. Student Loan Law Group may help borrowers determine whether they qualify for lower monthly payments and may assist borrowers in filling out the applications for such programs.

Student Loan Law Group also provides legal defense against aggressive debt collection practices and private loan servicers. To learn more about whether your rights have been violated by a loan servicer, contact Student Loan Law Group today at 888-843-1706888-843-1706 FREE or visit our website at