Cleveland 8/12/2015 3:12:47 PM
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According to statistics recently published by the United States Department of Education, several Ohio universities rank among the highest in nationwide student loan default rates. Ohio graduates need student loan debt relief. Student Loan Law Group is available to help. Student Loan Law Group understands that the poor economy has resulted in lower paying jobs and that graduates are simply unable to meet the unreasonable payment demands from their loan servicers.

Student Loan Law Group may help advise borrowers of their options to manage student loan debt. Federal income-driven repayment programs allow borrowers to significantly reduce their monthly payments based on their income and household size. Standard student loan repayment plans do not take the borrower’s personal circumstances and income into account when factoring their monthly payment. Many borrowers are simply unaware of the existence of these programs that may drastic reduce their monthly payments to a more affordable amount. Student Loan Law Group may help borrowers determine whether they qualify for any of these programs and can also help guide these borrowers through the application process.

Many borrowers are afraid and wait too long to admit they need help with their overwhelming student loan debt. This often results in borrowers going into default. Defaulting on student loans has serious consequences, such as garnishment. The government may garnish or direct a borrower’s employer to withhold a portion of the borrower’s paychecks to pay against any outstanding debt on accounts in default. The government may also withhold the borrower or the borrower’s spouse’s tax returns and may garnish the borrower or any co-signer’s Social Security checks when a student loan goes into default. Those who are in garnishment or default do not have time to waste. Contacting Student Loan Law Group immediately may result in an expedient solution. Student Loan Law Group may negotiate on a borrower’s behalf with the loan servicer for a settlement or a rehabilitation plan that can cure the default and end garnishment. For more information, contact Student Loan Law Group today at 888-843-1706.