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BiTech Medical Quick Medical Device Sales and Repairs in Athens, Georgia

BiTech Medical keeps your hospital or medical center up and running by providing medical device sales and repairs quickly, affordably and efficiently. Here at BiTech Medical, we specialize in offering a variety of medical solutions that can help your business overcome every day’s obstacles. Regardless of your goal being to purchase large orders or small orders, BiTech Medical’s efficient, fast, and competent employees can help.

BiTech Medical is made up of technical professionals and specialists that can be onsite almost immediately within the entire territory of the Southeast Region and even quicker in Georgia. BiTech Medical, being a service and supplier provider, provides a return on your investment through our great rates. There are companies that work to charge more, and those that work to charge less. BiTech Medical is the second.

The areas for standard service calls are neighboring states of Georgia. These include Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. All other states outside of the parameters entails a service agreement.

Finally, BiTech Medical assigns warranties on every product offered to remove the uncertainty and take the responsibility of the equipment we provide. Most of the materials that we use in our tried and true repair process are driven through a detailed workshop procedure and then inspected by one of our certified partners. We do not release medical devices that has not receive strict examination.

For high quality and reliable service repairs on your current devices, or for brand new devices, contact BiTech Medical at 888-470-3720. We strive to provide the best customer care and pride ourselves in maintaining a long term relationships and competitive pricing with our clients.