Hong Kong 8/25/2015 12:21:40 PM
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Voth Nixon Group Launches New Fund in Its Active Multi-Asset Strategies Fund Range

Similar to other existing Active Multi-Asset Strategies funds, the new portfolios are set to invest in a wide range of both active as well as passive components, managed by Voth Nixon Group’s team of multi-asset specialists.

As opposed to other risk-targeted funds the Dynamic 3 Income & Growth Fund aims to provide clients with a stable flow of income. Based on model portfolios the fund will have an initial estimated yield of 3.9%, and due to its high tolerance of risk it is projected to offer solid capital development.

In order to achieve its goals Voth Nixon Group’s multi-asset team will utilize a wide array of vehicles that offer a broader range of income flows, such as derivatives, sovereign bonds as well as corporate bonds, meanwhile drawing income ideas from Voth Nixon Group’s extended teams of investment professionals. As a total, the Voth Nixon Group multi-asset team manages an excess of 750 million dollars as of June 30th 2015.

Pascal Bichler, the head of Voth Nixon Group’s multi-asset department, commented: “The Active 3 Income & Growth Fund is the best option for those clients that seek an attractive capital return with future income growth prospects and mitigated risks. We strongly believe that this approach presents solid potential for financial consultants to offer higher levels of capital income to their clients within clearly determined risk parameters”.

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