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Tuff Bear Assures High Energy Boost with Best Wisconsin Ginseng

Leading American ginseng extract product retailer, Tuff Bear has recently released the best Wisconsin Ginseng extract dropper bottle by Burmeister Ginseng. The company promises immense energy boost naturally without stimulants.

A renowned name across American ginseng retailing scene, Tuff Bear has lately expanded its ginseng product line - and Wisconsin Ginseng extract dropper bottle by Burmeister is one of its latest additions.

"We promise you 100 percent high quality American ginseng roots farmed in Wisconsin. Burmeister is a seasoned name when it comes to premium ginseng extracts and the company has been farming HPLC tested ginseng for more than 90 years now. You are getting a pure & potent ginseng liquid extract which can offer you the desired energy boost naturally, anytime," stated the senior sales official from Tuff Bear.

The new 2 oz. dropper bottle looks portable and is easy to carry anywhere. He continued, "What separates our new Wisconsin ginseng bottle from other regular energy shots is that the latest release is free from caffeine and any artificial sweetener or flavor. We want to make sure that our customers enjoy an increased energy naturally, without the threat of any side effects."

American ginseng is rich in adaptogens that enhance the body's capacity to adapt itself to mental or physical stress. It has long been in use in traditional Native American medicine & today is recognized as one among the most valuable medicinal herbs of the world.

The Ginseng Extract can be consumed directly or the users can also add it to any sort of beverage. The firm manager assured amazing taste while added to most of the juices, teas, sodas & smoothies.

"You can consume the Ginseng Extract drops whichever way you want to and in every way you would be delighted with a fantastic earthy twang. It can zing up your teas and smoothies instantly - while will also render a fantastic tangy edge for your pancake syrups & cake frosting," explained the manager.

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