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The Freedom Girls is tasked with Instilling a Strong Christian Faith in Children

Generation with a Name, LLC was created for the sole purpose of illustrating Jesus Christ to young boys and girls in their contemporary settings. They provide discipleship tools that equip parents, grandparents and mentors for the task of teaching the Word of God to their children. The source of these discipleship tools is a Biblical saint whose name is Ruth from the Old Testament Book of Ruth. Ruth's story with a supporting cast of Naomi and Boaz exemplify the promises and Truth contained in the Word of God.

The couple came up with a concept of wholesome, 18-inch dolls called The Freedom Girls. Ruth is one of them based on the Old Testament Book of Ruth. She is accompanied by a 112-page book titled The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes. This is an excellent tool Christian parents can provide to teach young girls the sovereignty and righteousness of God. Designed for 6- to 13-year-old girls the book and doll is an exceptional tool that teach the attributes of God.

"Our current culture masquerades truth for a lie. The only way to counteract what our culture teaches is to believe in a different standard and that standard is Jesus Christ," notes Jackie Liberto

Dan Liberto states, "Biblical Literacy is an issue today. This ministry, through the foundation of holy scripture, and the use of multi-media services will create opportunities for children, parents and friends to interact with one another in the name of Jesus Christ and receive the promised blessings."

The company has a unique 7th Seed program that promotes discipleship outside of your own family. With every 6 Ruth Experience purchase a Ruth Doll and book, a 7th Ruth Experience will be donated to a select children's ministry, of your choice, to plant a 7th Seed.

The company also holds speaking engagements and has spoken at the Steadfast Men's Retreat and has hosted parenting seminars. The Biblical Ruth Doll and the accompanying story, "The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes" provides an opportunity for parents to insert discipleship and Biblical teaching into your child's play time.

About The Freedom Girls

The Freedom Girls will help empower and equip, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this generation of children to boldly proclaim the Word of God and free themselves from the world's compromises in the areas of purity, righteousness and integrity. For more details, visit