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The Student Loan Law Group consists of licensed attorneys who assist student loan borrowers in managing their student loan debt. Today, many borrowers are struggling to repay their massive student loan debt due to a poor economy and an over-crowded job market. Many graduates realize that they cannot afford to repay their student loans.

Student Loan Law Group counsels borrowers on their eligibility to apply for income-driven repayment plans that may significantly reduce their monthly student loan payments based on the individual borrower’s adjusted gross income and household size. Applying for such programs can prevent borrowers from going into delinquency or default status on their student loans. When borrowers have already gone into a default status for failure to keep up with their monthly student loan payments, legal representation can be extremely beneficial for the borrower.

Once a borrower is in default, he or she may be subject to garnishment. The government may take a portion of the borrower’s paychecks or Social Security checks to recoup on any outstanding federal student loan debt. Borrowers may not receive notice they are being garnished until they realize that their paychecks are lower. The government may take up to 25% of a default borrower’s paychecks. Additionally, the government may seize the borrower or the borrower’s spouse’s tax returns.

Attorneys with Student Loan Law Group provide legal representation to distressed borrowers. Student Loan Law Group may negotiate on the borrower’s behalf with the loan servicers to help borrowers avoid default or cure an existing default to end garnishment.

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