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Dealing with student loans can be frustrating. It is easier to ask professionals for help with problems on their onset rather than waiting for the problems to grow into larger problems that become more expensive to fix.  Student Loan Law Group helps clients get their student loan debt under control by counseling them on available repayment options.

Attorneys with Student Loan Law Group are well-versed on the availability of income-driven repayment plans for federal student loans. Federal income-driven repayment plans lower borrower’s monthly payments based on the individual borrower’s adjusted gross income and household size. Private loan servicers typically have similar programs that allow for an extended repayment duration with smaller payments to decrease the borrower’s susceptibility to default.

Student Loan Law Group eliminates borrowers’ headaches by doing the research for the borrower and filling out the appropriate paperwork on the borrower’s behalf. Controlling student loan debt before a borrower falls behind on payments due to sickness, job loss or other personal crisis is crucial to maintaining financial freedom and independence. Borrowers who have already fallen behind on their student loan payments will also benefit by contacting Student Loan Law Group.

Student Loan Law Group assists borrowers who are in default and being garnished. Attorneys with Student Loan Law Group may provide legal representation to negotiate a favorable rehabilitation plan on the borrower’s behalf to cure the default and end or prevent garnishment. For more information on lowering your monthly student loan payments or getting out of default, contact Student Loan Law Group today at 888-843-1706 or