Miami 9/9/2015 4:58:42 PM
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Revolutionary New Product Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles in Men and Women

Enhances Sexual Pleasure and Helps Bladder, Prostate and Prolapse Disorders

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Aimed at strengthening the largely ignored and yet most important muscle in the human body’s pelvic floor, The KIE is an innovative and non-invasive device that will change the lives of millions of men and women who suffer from a whole range of inconveniences and disorders that affect their quality of life.  Chief among them are lack of sexual satisfaction, stress incontinence, prostate problems in men and uterine prolapse in women.

Crowdfunding support for The KIE and its worldwide promotion and distribution is currently being encouraged through an online Indiegogo campaign that launched just last week at  The goal of the campaign is to raise $50,000.  

Patented under medical technology, this groundbreaking device requires little effort and encourages users to go at their own pace, using increased resistance over time to develop the pubo-coccygeus muscle (or PC muscle).  The PC muscle is the deep-tissue muscle that is responsible for supporting all of our internal organs, thereby allowing them to function properly and efficiently.

“Given the extreme importance that this muscle plays in enhancing and sustaining so much of our overall health and wellbeing, the need for a PC muscle-strengthening device like The KIE is long overdue,” said Andrea Harding, Founder of The KIE Indiegogo campaign.  “We’re so excited to share this new technology with people all over the world who are looking for an answer to so many of their most intimate health challenges.”

While both women and men can enjoy greatly enhanced sexual pleasure as a result of strengthening their PC muscle, including a tighter grip during intercourse, the real beauty of The KIE for many will lie in its long-term health benefits.  “This muscle, like all others, needs ongoing conditioning.” Harding asserts, “and it’s not a muscle we tend to think about or even appreciate.  That lack of understanding and attention has dire consequences for all of us.” 

Incontinence, prostate problems, uterine prolapse, premature ejaculation and impotence are just some of the many challenges millions of men and women will face in their lifetimes as a result of ignoring this critical little muscle.  “The KIE is the solution,” Harding says.  “The KIE is the key.”