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Play The Hydro Dynamics 2015 NFL Survivor Challenge Its Free

Hydro Dynamics, a globally recognized leader in cavitation technology is inviting you to play in their 2105 NFL Survivor Challenge. You can invite your friends to play and prove once and for all who the top dog is in your group when it comes to NFL expertise. The big winner will also win a prize from Hydro dynamics pictured here.

For years the Hydro Dynamics Team has had a variety of different office challenges for bragging rights in the office. This year we are opening up our company ritual to everyone. Playing the NFL Survivor Challenge is easy. Each week you will pick one team that you know won’t lose seem easy enough? Well there’s a twist. You cannot pick any single team more than once. This will make some interesting matchups in the later weeks. Look ahead at the schedule so you’re not stuck trying to pick the winner of the Chiefs and Raiders in week 13.

 Follow the directions below to sign up.

   1. Go to 

2. In the Join Password box, enter 'SPRfootball' (without the single quotes) 

3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.) 

4. Make your weekly pick, with the ability to change it right up until the weekly deadline of 1pm EST every Sunday.  It's that easy!

The Hydro Dynamics 2015 NFL Survivor Challenge is open to anyone who wants to join. Sign up today, and Good Luck