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Book Your Motorcycle Tour to Mexico and have a Vacation Adventure to Remember

Make your next motorcycle touring adventure epic with Moto Discoveries La Ruta Aventura Motorcycle Tour. This Tour is the most exciting way to explore Mexico and experience Mexican Culture. The tour is a perfect blend of paved road riding with the occasional off road experience. La Ruta Aventura is not advised for novice riders however expert skills are not required either. If your choice of bike is one of today’s larger machines we suggest you know how to ride and are comfortable in most off road terrain. You can always tune your skills at a Moto Discovery Training Event prior to the tour. This will allow you to talk with those who have traveled the course before and make sure you know what you are in for.

La Ruta Aventura Motorcycle Tour is an incredible way to immerse yourself into Mexican culture rarely seen by most tourists. After a few days traveling by bike on paved roads to the Sierra Madres we descend off road to the high pine country at over 7000 ft. These roads are full of picturesque views of beautiful mountainsides and rigid canyons. A highlight of this Motorcycle tour for most riders is the encounter with the reclusive Tarahumara Indians. These Indians are a primitive tribe native to the area. This tour gives you a Mexican experience that many riders never get to see. The Tarahumara people can be seen living in caves and adorning loin clothing. The encounter with these people is often described as a favorite for our riders. It is a cultural experience that can only be experienced when you venture away from traditional Mexico vacations. If you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy seeing other cultures you will love your encounter with the Tarahumara people. 

After experiencing the native tribe we will make our way to the Sinola State. Here we will explore the shores of the Sea of Cortez. This portion of the tour is made famous by our stays in colonial villages. Alamos or El Fuerte will give you another vastly different vacation experience. You will again immerse yourself into the local culture and see some of the more beautiful and traditional sides of the Mexican land. 

We start the last leg of the tour by boarding an overnight ferry to the Baja Peninsula. The Baja Peninsula is home to some of the best fish tacos in the world and The Moto Discovery Crew will seek them out with you. Baja is truly a playground for the adventure traveler. In this area you will discover what makes the jagged mountains, sprawling deserts and remote beaches a must for anyone who loves the active travel lifestyle. Finally we will end the trip in the developing wine region of Valle De Guadalupe we will spend our last night here and enjoy another of Mexicans great regions. The Valle is a great way to unwind after a great trip. 

Moto Discover offers motorcycle adventure tours all over the world. Our adventures are the best way for any rider to experience different cultures, explore new lands, and of course experience some of the best riding in the world. If you are interested in a truly unique Mexico Vacation or want to know about any of our other tours drop us a line. There is something for every adventurer and every skill level at Moto Discovery. 800-233-0564