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Ride Your Motorcycle through Iran Book this Vacation today with Motodiscovery

Adventure Travelers listen up. Do you want the vacation experience of a lifetime? Moto Discovery is providing another motorcycle tour adventure to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The first time we offered this some people thought we were crazy. In 2006 when the first Iran Motorcycle Tour happened it was a time of increased tension between the Iran and the Western World. We have to admit when we first Planned this adventure we were not quite sure what to expect. We had always heard that although the national relationships were a bit rocky the “people to people” experience was great. We were not disappointed. This ancient culture lived up to its reputation for its hospitality and eagerness to engage. What we found in 2006 was an experience unlike any other.

With relationships between nations warming up a bit we decided we had to go back. Things are far from perfect between countries but we know that this is the perfect time to again immerse ourselves with this one of a kind culture and people. 

Logistics in traveling to a country like Iran can be extremely challenging. Don’t worry facilitating your Iran vacation is what we do. We have everything set in place to make the prep as easy as possible on you. We have BMW Bikes out of Turkey ready to go. A short ride from the eastern cities of Turkey and we are on our way. The area once known as Persia is one of the most epic experiences in anyone’s life. We have the privilege of exploring this land in the way we love, on our bikes. For two weeks we will travel through this ancient land and see their archaeology, ride the mountains, and even enjoy some time in the Caspian Sea. You will be taken aback by the hospitality you receive from the Iranian people. 

Visas and other documentation for bikes will be handled by Moto Discovery so you don’t need to worry about that. The Iran tour is a great experience for couples. It is important to keep in mind that the ladies need to agree to the Hijab law of the land which includes wearing a loosely fitted head scarf while in the country. 

If you are looking for a truly unique experience discover Iran with Moto Discovery. This will be a true adventure. 

Moto Discovery operates motorcycle tours to some of the most remote and unique places throughout the globe. For more information on the Iran Tour or to learn about other Adventure Vacation Tours call Moto Discovery. 800-233-0564